Real Time Visual Effects

Aircraft Crashing Effect

This effects sequence is based on UE4, including explosion fireballs, rocket trails, smokes and fires are mainly done by Houdini simulation, then rendered out as flip book textures to bring into the engine; the destruction effect of the aircraft is Houdini rigid body effect that rendered out as joint-based animation.

Explosion from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.


Smoke Grenade Effect

The fireball and smoke particles are simulated by using Maya Fluid Dynamic, rendered out as a sequence and compose them into one texture then bring it into UE4.

SmokeGrenade from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.

Dynamic Fur

This is a dynamic hair system which based on NVIDIA Hairworks. The whole pipeline is set up from Maya to Unreal Engine 4. And here are two works that I have done based on this pipeline.


Because artist need to create hair guide (cv curve) in Maya, I created a tool that can generate normal hair, and artist can use xgen plugin to modify hairstyle.


Also I created basic collision and used my tool to export the hair information as apex file, then attached it to skeleton mesh in UE4.

This video shows some dynamic effects of NVIDIA Hairworks.

NVidiaHairDemo from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.


And this second video is going to show how the pipeline going to work.

HairTutorial from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.