Artist Proof Tool – Mirror Driven Key

Mirror Driven Key Tool is based on Maya, and it provides a solid solution for facial rigger to solve the repetition works on symmetrical character facial rigging, definitely saving their time and improve their working efficiency.

Here is a video to show how to mirror character’s left eyebrow rig to right eyebrow.

Artist Proof Tool from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.



This tool will mirror the rig to one side of the face base on another side of the facial rig. I have provided a lot of documentation on this on my blog to help prevent wrong inputs from artists.


Project Management Tool

This tool is used to manage art assets production pipeline. In this tool, artist can:

  • Use tree view layout to browse different project folder structure;
  • Create, rename and remove projects and assets;
  • The creation of projects and assets will automatically generate necessary folders;
  • Open art asset file with the right version of DCC;
  • Prevent artists use wrong DCC version;
  • Automatically install Maya exportation tool to export assets to the right asset export folders;

Tool demonstration: 

Project Management Tool from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.

Triangle Calculator

I used Python, PyQt and other libraries including pynum and matplotlib to finish this triangle calculator.

Here is a short video to show the basic demonstration:

TriangleCalculator from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.

Basically, this calculator can receive three valid inputs of any angles or edges of a certain triangle. Then based on an appropriate triangle calculation law it gives out the whole triangle. The calculator can directly show a clear picture of this triangle to the user.