Animation Rigging Toolset

Animation Rigging Toolset is developed by technical artists team of Iron Galaxy Studios, which is used to support animators and manage animations to engine pipeline.

In this post, I’m going to show four tools that I developed from this toolset, since I cannot reveal any characters’ rigs, names and project names, I got this Spiderman character from Matthew Trupiano to demonstrate my tools.

Animation Exporter

Animation Exporter can help animators to set up multiple animation sequences export settings in one Maya scene, by clicking one button to export all sequences at once.

AnimationExporter from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.

Animation Batch Exporter

Batch Exporter can based on the settings that Animation Exporter Tool (the tool above) saved in each maya scene, to export all animation sequences in those maya files without opening all of them and hit export one by one.

BatchExporter from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.

Pose Manager

Pose Manager Tool is used to help animators to save poses, and apply them to different characters.

PoseManager from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.

Selection Set Tool

Selection Set Tool allows animators to save customized selection sets, and trigger them to activate controls.

Selection Sets from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.


Artist Proof Tool – Mirror Driven Key

Mirror Driven Key Tool is based on Maya, and it provides a solid solution for facial rigger to solve the repetition works on symmetrical character facial rigging, definitely saving their time and improve their working efficiency.

Here is a video to show how to mirror character’s left eyebrow rig to right eyebrow.

Artist Proof Tool from Yunhao Huo on Vimeo.



This tool will mirror the rig to one side of the face base on another side of the facial rig. I have provided a lot of documentation on this on my blog to help prevent wrong inputs from artists.